Shetland Museum

Accessible, lively text for the re-developed Shetland Museum.

I worked closely with the museum’s curators throughout the project, holding discussions at the start to agree the tone we should aim for as well as house style conventions. The museum’s staff then developed an initial draft for each package of text, which I then revised and returned for comment.

An important part of the job was to ensure that the text communicated clear, consistent themes. The whole project ran to a tightly-defined schedule to meet design deadlines.

The official Heritage Lottery Fund report on the museum was very positive about the result:

… the copywriting must be singled out. It is really an example to us all, and leads the graphic design rather than simply fitting into a pre-determined pattern. The text, always brief and to the point, conveys the essence of the stories of the artefacts in the broader context of the islands’ history.