International built heritage

Interpretation and visitor management for a group of participants from nineteen different countries.

This four-day workshop was part of a course at the prestigious ICCROM centre in Rome.

The module was the closing unit of an eight-week programme on Conserving Built Heritage. Participants included architects, managers and education staff from major projects such as the Qala Ikhtyruddin citadel in Afghanistan, Riga Cathedral in Latvia, and World Heritage cultural projects in Côte d’Ivoire.

I planned the programme around an extended case study of one of Rome’s ancient sites. It also included time for participants to discuss their own situations. I was keen that the module should be an upbeat conclusion to a long and demanding course of study.

This module has been particularly useful and helpful.

I liked the methodology used by James Carter to conduct the classes, because it was dynamic and clear.

I really enjoyed this module. It was a great idea to put this at the end of the course to recharge us.