Burn o’Vat

A fresh new look for this National Nature Reserve visitor centre.

The centre takes its name from The Vat, a spectacular granite cauldron at the heart of the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve. It’s one of the Cairngorms National Park’s most popular beauty spots, visited by thousands of local people and holidaymakers each year.

I had written the reserve’s Visitor Management and Interpretation Plan in an earlier project, and worked with designers Ross Associates to produce the new displays. Research included close consultation with reserve manager Cat Reid, as well as subject specialists on peat bogs and the granite landscapes of the Cairngorms National Park. The exhibition includes a set of temporary displays that can be changed each season. I developed all the storylines and text for the exhibition, supplied many of the photographs and acted as creative director for the scheme.

The new Burn o’Vat interpretation is colourful and the writing is engaging and informative. The combination of fixed, interactive, and updatable displays works really well for me as well as for new and repeat visitors.

Catriona Reid, Reserve Manager