I have worked in the UK and internationally as a consultant and trainer in heritage interpretation. I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Although I am now retired from full-time work, I keep an interest in the field and contribute to occasional projects. This website is partly a reminder to myself of what I did over a long career! It also makes my writing on interpretation available to anyone who wants it.

I’ve always been interested in inspiring, unusual ways to conjure the spirit of a place. I like telling interesting tales in a few words, and giving visitors space to make their own experiences. I hope that sometimes my work helps people fall in love with the places they visit.


Interpretation and visitor experience

Heritage interpretation – the art of encouraging people to connect with and learn about heritage sites – has been central to my work. I believe that the best interpretation comes from thinking about the whole experience that visitors have. That means I often worked with designers, landscape architects, artists, and architects to deliver memorable and effective projects.

Over thirty years’ experience in this field I was lucky to work on some great projects, and to help shape many aspects of good practice. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.